Big Ice

With the pick up from the hotel; this unforgettable experience starts at the Port “Bajo las sombras” early in the morning. They take a boat to cross the Rico, and 10 minutes after landing on the west coast.

Mountain guides will lead you ever closer to the glacier to take crampons and begin the journey of approximation; The trail runs along the southern moraine of the glacierPerito Moreno, and in just over an hour to get to a spectacular viewpoint whereaccede the ice.

Once on the glacier with crampons posts, the world takes a new perspective: blue lakes, deep crevasses, huge sinkholes, magical caves, and the unique feeling of being at the center of the glacier, always accompanied and instructed by expert guides explore that with you for three hours (approx.) over the glacier in the worldmore special. During the tour the guides will help them better understand the ice and its surroundings. In addition, they will have half an hour for lunch on the white carpetand surprise in a place of unparalleled beauty.

Once in the dark, walk another hour to take back the boat is sailed very close tosouth wall of Gl. Perito Moreno then back to “civilization” after enjoying one of themost spectacular ice treks in the world.