Mini Trekking

With the pick up from the hotel, the excursion start around 07 am. The tour begins at the port “Bajo las Sombras” about 6 km. Mirador before the glacier, where you embark to cross the Lake Rico, reaching the shore after about 20 minutes of sailing off the south wall of the glacier P. Moreno.

After landing you access to the shelter where the guides organize groups that each consist of up to 20 people. And so began a walk along the lake about 20 minutes to the glacier.

At the edge of the ice the guides put on crampons to participants, who receive instructions on how to travel on the ice. The tour on the glacier takes about 2 hours, and during the course of it will appreciate a variety of ice formations and crevasses, seracs, drains, small lagoons.

The hike is moderate. The ice surface on which you walk is irregular, but firm and safe. They receive explanations about the flora, fauna and glaciology general region as well as the particular phenomenon occurs in the glacier P. Moreno and eventually produces its rupture. At the end of the walk, we return to the shelter through the lush forest Magellan.

To complete a wolderful Tour, we visit the balconies for 1 hour and then we return to El Calafate.

IMPORTANT: From 10 to 65 years old