Viedma Light

Viedma Lake is of glacial origin and has an area of 1100 km2. Through his emissary, the Rio La Leona, empties its flow into Lake Argentino.

We will sail on Lake Viedma to the front of the glacier, where you look at the Cerro Huemul. The front of the glacier is composed of huge icebergs and ice blue wallsover 40 feet above the lake, the west coast is high and steep, for it receives the RioTunel from the west, on the southern shore make it the Milodon Rio, Rio and the RioGuanaco Candor and northeast the main contribution of water does the Rio de las Vueltas the Viedma Glacier, the largest in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

This activity has a duration of 2:30 Hs

Talks regarding this area and Glacier National Park on the South Patagonian Ice.